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5'9″ / Brunette / Asian-American / 7-Inch Penis

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Product Description

Sexy Jake is a smoldering bundle of sexual energy. If you have ever fantasized good and hard about having a strapping young man like this in your bed, he’s the perfect opportunity for you. He has great skin, he has powerful legs, and his body demands to be touched. His chest, his stomach, his handsome face… it’s all there to blow your mind and fire your passions. Everything about Jake is incredible. He likes to have sex, and he lights that sex to be as nasty, naughty, down and dirty as you like. You could call him the sort of guy who likes to have fun, but he also has an easy charm about him that is part of what he is. Do you want to be with a handsome man like Jake? When you look at him, does it get your heart rate up there and make you really want to see what he’s made of between the sheets? Well, if that’s how you feel about Jake, then you definitely want to place your order for him right now, and do so as soon as you can. It won’t be easy to wait for Jake to arrive once he ships to you, but he’ll be well worth it when you take him out of his shipping carton.

Jake has an incredible body that will get any lover fantasizing about him. His body is not his only impressive feature, though. He has wonderfully detailed features, with a perfect look to his sculpted body. Most of all, though, he has textured holes for his anus and his mouth that make him so much fun to be with. His holes are waiting and willing, as is his rock-hard cock. It’s flexible enough to give you pleasure, but hard enough to maintain your pleasure all night long. And if you’re a man who enjoys blowjobs from other men, you can put your cock inside Jake’s lubed up mouth and take his face however you like. Jake’s textured anal opening likewise is open for business, so you can lube him up and pound him however you like. His tight canal is just begging to be explored.

Every single one of our incredibly sexy male sex dolls is a sculpted work of art. We’ve put an exceptional amount of time and effort into making sure our male sex dolls will meet your expectations for quality and durability. We’ve built great relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers, keeping our unit costs down so that we can offer you the least expensive alternative in these high-quality dolls. Our male sex dolls aren’t custom models, but they all have little things about them that make them unique, as the manufacturing process is never completely identical. Jake is an exceptional example of the types of male sex dolls we offer. Pick up your Jake doll today and start enjoying yourself. He is waiting for you to try him out and live out your kinkiest fantasies.

6 reviews for Jake

  1. Alex
    5 out of 5

    I have had three orgasms since I got Jake home. I am looking forward to many, many more. Five stars!

  2. Carla
    5 out of 5

    I am kicking myself. I could have had Jake in my bed so much sooner if I had just thought to pull the trigger.

  3. Kent
    5 out of 5

    I have never had sex with a man who didn’t move at all. It took some getting used to. Now I think it will be hard to go back to men who move and talk. This is pretty much perfect.

  4. Adam
    4 out of 5

    Jake is great. I am a little surprised that he is not taller; I thought he looked like he would be a larger man on the site. Still he is pretty much awesome.

  5. The Stophe
    2 out of 5

    Incredible sex, yes, but what do you do with this man when you’re not using him? I have taken to moving him from chair to chair and bed to bed, but he’s very heavy and it is not the most convenient thing. Still, I couldn’t give him up now. I don’t think I ever could.

  6. Bond
    3 out of 5

    I am not sure I am as attracted to Jake as one of the other dolls in the lineup. I am thinking I might change things up and get a different one.

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