Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m new to buying sex dolls. Can you explain to me how the process works?
A. It’s really pretty simple to order from The first thing you need to understand is that all of our sex dolls are very highly developed personal intimacy products. They might be considered marital aids or sex toys, but there’s an important difference. Each one of our sex dolls is like a sculpted piece of art (actually more than one piece) with an internal structure that holds the whole thing together. All of our sex dolls look like well built, well-endowed men, and from a reasonable distance away, you might have trouble telling that these dolls aren’t actually real people. Have you ever wanted to have wild, uninhibited sex with a well hung stud, with or without condoms? You can do it as much as you want when you buy one of our male sex dolls. Each of the dolls is sized like a real person. Each of our male sex dolls also has a textured anal opening, and a hard cock like a dildo that is permanently attached to the doll. When you combine our products with liberal amounts of lubricant, you end up with messy, sometimes group sex unlike any you’ve seen before. Sex with one of our male sex dolls closely simulates what sex would be like with a real man (although obviously, the doll can’t do most of the physical “work” and must be helped along by external forces). Put your hands all over your male sex doll. Enjoy everything about it. IT is ready, it is willing, and it is very real.

The actual purchase from is likewise very reasonably conducted. Take a look through our pages, see which male sex doll is sexiest in your eyes, and place your order. We will arrange for you to make payment, pack and ship your order discreetly, and make sure you receive your male sex doll in a timely manner. We are an importer of sex dolls from major manufacturers overseas. That means we do not make sex dolls. Instead, we sell sex dolls made by other manufacturers, hand-selecting our inventory and making arrangements with suppliers and manufacturers to produce lots in bulk in order to pass savings on to our clients. While our dolls are manufactured according to certain commercial models, each one is also slightly unique, thanks to minute variations in the manufacturing process. We do an exceptional amount of research to make sure that the products we sell offer the best possible match of cost and value. That is to say, when you buy a male sex doll from Sexdolio, you will not pay any more than you have to pay, and you will get the best quality at that price that it’s possible for us to arrange.

Our male sex dolls are all based on the images of models who have licensed their images to us. That means that all of our sex dolls are actually made to look like real men. Purchases made through are entirely discreet; we protect your confidentiality and privacy in all things. When you have gone through our product pages, selected your doll, made arrangements for payment, and submitted your shipping address, your package is then shipped to you as efficiently as possible, again with an eye toward protecting your doll. Once your doll arrives, you are finally ready to start experiencing the sex life you have always truly wanted: Whenever you want it, however you want it, for as long as you want it.

Q. What’s the best way to clean and maintain my doll?
A. Your sex doll is pretty easy to take care of, but there are some things you can do to prolong your doll’s functional life. Even at the great prices and quality levels at which we offer our dolls for sale, you have paid a fairly significant sum to add a male sex doll from to your life. You want to make sure you maintain your doll properly to get the most out of it. The first thing to remember is that when you use your doll, you must do so with lots of lubricant. This will make sex with the doll the most pleasurable it can be. It’s also important to protect the doll from damage. Having sex with your sex doll “dry,” without lubricant, could damage the doll’s relatively delicate skin. Never use a lubricant that is not safe on your doll, either, as this will start to break down and damage the material, quickly becoming irreparable damage.

To clean your sex doll, wipe it down with mild soap and warm (not hot) water. It’s very important not to use soap that is too harsh, and never use chemical cleaners on your doll’s skin. Chemicals of any kind will damage or discolor the doll and may make it smell funny. High temperatures are bad for the doll, so you would never want to put any part of your sex doll in boiling water. With a clean, absorbent cloth, use the warm water and soap to gently clean the outer parts of the doll. Wipe and rub gently, trying very hard not to scuff the flesh of the doll. Keep your sex doll away from hot tubs and never submerge its head or any other part. Placing your male sex doll in a hot bath is very bad for it, so don’t do anything like that no matter how much you might like to take your friend hot-tubbing.

When drying your sex doll, gently pat it down with an absorbent cloth. Never use a hair dryer or heat blower of any kind (even kind used to dry hands) on the skin of your doll. If it is something that looks like it might stain, just pat the liquid or staining material away and do your best to cleanse the portion of affected skin with soap and warm water. Newspapers, magazines, and other things that carry possibly staining ink can discolor your doll’s skin or even leave imprints, so make sure you don’t leave your doll resting against newsprint or magazines (or similar materials).

Your male sex doll has internal textured sleeves for its mouth and anus. You have to lube up to put a penis inside there, but you don’t necessarily have to use a condom. Using a condom, though, helps speed up cleaning by preventing the inside of the sleeves from becoming soiled. Now, if you want to have sex with your doll without condoms, that’s fine, but make sure you don’t allow your ejaculate to accumulate inside the doll (where bacteria can thrive). Clean your male sex doll’s oral and anal openings after each use, and clean his cock, too, if it’s been inside you. This is especially important; that cock should be cleansed with mild soap and warm water after each use. This prevents bacterial build up inside the doll.

On the topic of protection, if you and someone else are both having sex with the same openings on the sex doll, make sure you are using condoms. Otherwise, the doll itself can become the means through which an STD could be passed from one person to another. It’s generally a bad idea to share your sex doll with another person, but sometimes, when you’re truly getting freaky, that can’t be helped.

The wig on your doll that serves as its hairpiece can also be cleaned with shampoo and conditioner (as long as these are mild, natural versions). In many cases you can get by with just warm water. Don’t blow dry your hair near your sex doll, as the heat from a blow drier will definitely damage the girl’s skin and wig. Once the wig is cleaned, pat it dry or let it air dry. Again, remember, not to submerge the doll for any reason. Avoid placing the doll in direct sunlight where UV radiation will bake its material or damage its patrons.

When dressing your sex doll in different clothing, pay special attention to the type of fabric used and how much coloring or dye the fabric has. Clothing should be placed on and off the sex doll very gently so as to avoid damaging it. Some colors can transfer from cloth, discoloring your dolls flesh, so be mindful of that when trying on different outfits. Always be gentle when removing clothes or when putting them back on your sex doll.

As a last cautionary note, your doll can be posed to a limited degree, but it is not meant to be kept in odd or contorted positions all the time. When it is not in use, lay your doll flat on a bed. This is the natural position for its internal skeleton. To have sex with your doll, you can either ride its cock from on top of it, or you can position it by propping it up against things. Never try to have sex with your doll from underneath it, however, as it is too heavy and you will likely find that position both awkward and painful.

Q. How does protect my privacy (and everyone’s)?
A. We are extremely diligent about protecting our clients’ privacy. As a business conducted on the Internet, we’re very aware of the types of identity theft and data breach that could occur. When you shop with us, we safeguard your information as much as possible. Our ordering system uses state of the art encryption so that data is safe when a customer places an order. We cannot eliminate all the risk of doing business and paying for goods and services online, but we eliminate as much of the risk as possible. We don’t store data that could then be stolen, which helps right from the outset. We also never share your information with anyone outside our firm.

Periodically, we ask our staff members to undergo privacy training. You will find them friendly, discreet, respectful, and happy to take and fulfill your order. Our staff also packs orders, sometimes very big ones, and ships them out again. No matter what they are doing, they know how important it is to protect a client’s privacy, and they work toward that goal in all things. We’ve been very selective in choosing the staff for our order fulfillment and warehouse personnel. Our staff knows never to discuss our clients amongst themselves or with anyone else, never to share addresses with anyone, and always to be respectful to each other as well as to you. We believe that your romantic life, how you choose to spend it, and what accessories you buy are entirely up to you. It is not and should never be anyone else’s business.

Your order will arrive in discreet packaging that gives no indication of its contents. Nobody in your life will know you have purchased a male sex doll. The shipper won’t know, the carrier won’t know, and the person receiving it won’t know (forever). You can always relax, sit back, and enjoy your purchases when you order from us, because your privacy is being protected and there’s nothing to worry about.

Q. Are these sex dolls really full size?
A. Yes, these sex dolls are full size. Each of our male sex dolls is the size of a small-to-average man. Now, when we say small to average, we are not talking about his manhood, but his overall size. (Our male sex dolls are actually quite well endowed.) When you buy one of our sex dolls are you are getting something that is basically the size and dead weight of a human body. That means leaving the package with relatives, even opening it there, is a bad idea, depending on how you do shipping. When you open that carton, you’re going to have, basically, an extra human around, and that’s an extra human you generally don’t want anyone else seeing. The doll is heavy enough that it cannot be casually tossed around; you must therefore plan ahead for where to store it and when you will move it. Be careful to lift with your knees, not your back, when moving your sex doll from room to room.

Your sex doll cannot stand up on its own, but it can rest on furniture, it can be laid on the bed, or you can put it carefully into a closet. A closet in which the doll can lay flat is much better than one in which its inner skeleton is folded or contorted. What she can’t do is stand up on her own, and she shouldn’t be posed in odd positions for long periods of time. Each one of our incredibly detailed and sculpted sex dolls is a work of art that was made to resemble the young man on whom its licensed image was based. They are built accordingly and, yes, there are real people out there who look like this. There are variables in the manufacturing process that make all of our sex dolls unique, even when they are recognizably the same product.

Q. Is it necessary to practice safe sex when enjoying my doll?
A. Strictly speaking, you can have as much unsafe sex with your sex doll as you want to. One thing about using a condom, though, is that it really speeds cleanup. Condoms are entirely unnecessary, though, as long as you keep the anal and oral openings clean and free of debris. One of the benefits of having sex with one of our dolls is that unprotected sex without risk is possible, but of course it’s wise to keep things clean, and it results in a more pleasurable experience overall when you do have sex with your doll. Don’t forget that your doll can have sex with you, too, as it has an erect penis attached to it. Keep this part of the doll clean as well, both for good hygiene and because it will produce better results when you lube up and go to town.