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Welcome to! You may not have realized when you set out on your search to find the perfect male sex doll, but you’ve found the best site on the Internet for male sex dolls. We cater to clients all over the world who are looking for a high-quality, highly detailed, finely crafted solid love doll made to resemble, not a woman, but a man. All the same craftsmanship that goes into the solid female sex dolls you’ve seen online goes into making our male sex dolls, of course with the difference that we sell sex dolls that look like men. We set out to offer you the best value in a male sex doll available. We wanted to best match the quality to the price of our sex dolls, which produces great deals in full-size male sex dolls that are as fully functional as we can make them. If you’ve been searching for a male sex doll, we have the product for you, and we would like to show you just what you’ve been missing in the wonderful wide world of sexual variations.

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We founded Sexdolio understanding the needs for male sex dolls throughout the world. With plenty of options to choose from, there’s no question that we offer the largest and most affordable selection on the planet of real full-sized male sex dolls. Proudly based in the USA, we ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, security, and the highest quality products.

Better still, we offer our customers more options for pricing. It’s relatively easy to offer a sex doll for sale at top-dollar, premium prices. It’s not as easy to offer a high-quality sex doll at prices that are more reasonable. We have worked long and hard to create for you a sex doll product line that is reasonably priced, but offers the type of quality, features, and attention to detail that you expect as a discerning customer of personal intimacy products.

Why Us?

With Sexdolio, you never need to worry again about spending more than you should have to or poor quality. A Sexdolio love doll is the pinnacle of sexual gratification and each and every doll is shipped with love and care so you can enjoy it for many years.

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What is a Sex Doll?

A male sex doll is just like you probably think it is, but here’s some more information just in case you’re curious. Every male doll is between 5 and 6 feet tall and made to the same proportions of a real human man. Enjoying your male love doll comes in a multitude of varieties including the full sized and life-like attached penis. Sex with your doll is so awesome and so similar to sex with a real man that you’ll find yourself having fun with your male sex doll quite often.

Why Buy a Sex Doll?

A sex doll represents freedom. Take back your romantic life and begin living your days and nights as you choose. No longer are you a slave to traditional dating, or the many hassles that come with it, when you have a sex doll. Instead, you can have sex when you want it, whenever you want it, and for as long as you like. Never again will you have to deal with rejection. You can have sex as little as you like, or as often as you like, which means you’re free to conduct your business as you see fit. It all starts when you buy one of our high-quality sex dolls.

Using a Sex Doll

Sex with your new doll is as simple as it is gratifying. Simply lube up with plenty of synthetic-safe lube and do what comes naturally. You cannot have sex with your doll “dry,” as this will damage the delicate synthetic flesh from which it is made. Some users prefer a more natural experience, while others will use condoms to help speed cleanup after the fact. Whatever your preference, you will find that sex with your doll very closely simulates sex with a real, living person, and is absolutely wonderful.

Caring for a Sex Doll

Caring for your sex doll is relatively easy. Almost any cleaning needs can be accomplished with mild soap and warm water. Your sex doll should never be submerged, and should never be subjected to the high temperatures of blow-driers or hot tubs. If you need to clean your doll, you can pat it dry with a clean, absorbent towel or cloth. Regular cleaning with gentle care is all that it takes to keep your doll well maintained for a long useful life.

Let Your Dreams Come True

Have you been dreaming of owning a male sex doll, of having a hot guy with a rock hard erection in your bed at any time of the night or day? Were you hesitant to shell out thousands of dollars for the privilege? When you shop at, you can get what you’ve been looking for in a male sex doll at an extremely affordable price. It turns out that one of the big issues with the sex doll industry in general, and especially with the much more rare category of male (and shemale) sex dolls, is that it is very difficult to find a moderately priced male sex doll. Most of the male sex dolls on the market either command high, premium, top of the line name-brand prices, or they are extremely cheap, inexpensive items that exhibit relatively low quality and are really not acceptable when you are shopping for a personal intimacy product.

Most people don’t want the cheapest sex doll they can get, but they are not too happy at the idea of paying thousands and thousands of dollars for one. And most people, while they might like a custom made sex doll handmade to their specifications, generally do not need that level of detail in their personal intimacy product. They just want something of decent quality and decent detail, offered at a moderate price, so they can actually afford the personal pleasure product they want without spending months or years paying off a credit card balance. How can you enjoy something that you had to go deeply into debt to buy? That may be true of a house or a car, but when it comes to a male sex doll, most people aren’t willing to make that leap just to bring one into their home. The only alternative to the high-end, incredibly expensive male sex dolls was cheap, inferior products that were more trouble than they were worth… and more disappointing than anything else. That is, that was the only alternative until now.

Finding Happiness With A Sex Doll

Even in the relatively niche market for male sex dolls, we know you could go to any of several other sites in order to buy the male sex doll you want. Sure, the array of products you find there won’t be as extensive as you find here, most likely, but you can shop there. And of course you can always go to one of the premium, high-end websites that sells a top of the line, name-brand male sex doll product. But seriously, are you going to be able to afford a sex doll that costs thousands and thousands of dollars? The vast majority of us really can’t afford to drop that kind of money on a male sex doll, which means you don’t have too many options if you go that route. You can go into massive debt on a credit card or through a loan, you can spend money you should have allocated to other things, or you can borrow the money from a friend or family member (which is bound to cause plenty of problems in and of itself). Sex dolls are more popular than ever before. People have become more and more aware of them in recent years, and the market for male sex dolls has exploded in the wake of the growing market for high-quality, sex dolls that are anatomically correct and show a high attention to detail. The general public knows that these incredible sex dolls exist.

They are talking about them in popular entertainment, in movies, in documentaries, and in other walks of life. But when you buy a sex doll, especially a male sex doll (but really any sex doll, depending on whether you’re a straight man, a gay man, a straight woman, or a lesbian), you are making an investment in changing how you live your life. This lifestyle change, this switch to sex dolls over living men, is the change to freedom. No longer is your sex life at the mercy of someone else, who tells you what to do, tries to put pressure on you, attempts to assert control over you, or invites you into his baggage or drama. When you buy a male sex doll, you are putting yourself in charge of your sex life because you are getting a “man” who can be there for anything a living man would be. You are getting a doorway into personal pleasure that is entirely yours to control. You choose when to step through, and you choose when to step out again.

The shopping process starts to get very complicated when you get to the point of actually buying a high quality male sex doll. Now, the safest way, from the standpoint of the buyer, is to go to one of the great big, well-known names, the purveyors of top of the line, premium quality male sex dolls that command premium prices. You’re always going to get exactly what you pay for at these websites. Some of them even offer you the opportunity to completely customize your sex doll, either choosing from among an array of available features (like body type and facial figures) or building your sex doll to order from reference pictures you submit. (Dolls like this are even made for non-sexual reasons, such as to create the likeness of a deceased family member to keep the grieving owner company.) These dolls are very detailed, and they have very high levels of quality. There are multiple companies that target that area of the marketplace for sex dolls, and more and more premium sites are entering the market for male sex dolls every day. Any customer who has thousands upon thousands of dollars can get exactly what he or she wants when she shops from one of these sites, and if you don’t mind blowing that kind of money, well, who are we to discourage you?

The fact is, though, the happiness you have with your new male sex doll will quickly evaporate when you get the billing statement for your credit card and see just how long the balance for that expensive sex doll is going to be sitting on your statement. Then your happiness will ebb away as you deal with the bill, which is no way to enjoy your new personal intimacy device. As a result, we think you need a much better bargain in a male sex doll. You don’t want the cheapest dolls out there, not by a long shot, as cheap male sex dolls are frequently hideous, poorly made inflatable doll whose pleasure potential is very low. No, you need a moderately priced male sex doll that exhibits features, finish, and attention to detail that rivals the high-end, premium name-brand dolls, but which is nonetheless affordable to just about anyone. You need a male sex doll that targets the middle of the market, the segment of buyers who represent the largest number of clients in the market for a male sex doll. Are you ready for a better solution to your sexual desires? Are you ready to introduce into your home a handsome male sex doll that is just begging to be used and enjoyed? But maybe you think there still might be a way to get off relatively cost-free. Maybe you’re still looking for a dirt-cheap option. Lots of otherwise discerning clients turn to what they think are these extremely low cost options because they believe there has to be some merit to them. They think that if others are buying these cheap sex toys and inflatable dolls, there must be a good reason for it, and they hope that for a few dollars they can find something that gives them just as much pleasure as a real, high-quality, solid sex doll. But this is a mistake.

You will always be disappointed with the quality of these very cheap male sex dolls, and so you will have sexual experiences that are less than satisfactory. That much is obvious when buying very cheap sex toys in an attempt to find an alternative to a more expensive male sex doll. But you also need to keep in mind that something that seems like too good a deal to be possible is likely very much impossible. There is know what to know exactly what’s going to show up at your door when you try to avail yourself one of these radical deals from some sketchy, relatively new website. These dolls that look like premium dolls but command dirt cheap prices probably aren’t real products at all. If your carton arrives and something is inside it (and there’s no guarantee either thing will happen), what you get will likely be something grotesque and unpleasant. It might be an inflatable doll, it might be a lump of hastily produced, or it might just be a dildo or strapon harness with a lot of literature that attempts to justify what you have received. In any case, you won’t be happy.

It’s probably true that in most cases, you get more or less what you’ve paid for, but we believe in corresponding to a higher standard. When you buy a male sex doll from, we want the shopping experience to be as good as it can possibly be. We want you to be so satisfied with what you’ve purchased that you’ll want to shop with us again and recommend us to your friends. And we want your satisfaction with the reasonably priced and high quality sex dolls we offer to be extremely high… and extremely personal.

Are you finally getting ready to purchase a male sex doll? Even at some of the lower price ranges offered at competitor sites, many of which sometimes seem too good to be true, you’re getting ready to risk a considerable sum of money. You have to be asking yourself it the product you get is going to be worth what you spend on it. Whenever you make the decision to introduce a male sex doll into your life, you’re taking a big leap forward in terms of your personal sexual gratification and intimacy. You’re taking control of your companionship, and your sex life, in ways that few people ever have the courage to you. Purchasing a male sex doll is like having a friend to call all your own. He’s going to be there for you when no one else will. You’re going to become very close to him. So of course you need him to be worth what you paid for him. You need him to please you. You need him to be the kind of sex doll that makes you happy, every day, night or day and in between. If your sex doll does not meet your standards, then you are going to be deeply disappointed, and your sex life is going to have taken a turn for the worse, not the better. Here at, we never want to let you down. We work very hard to bring you the best, highest quality male sex dolls at the most affordable prices, charting that previously underserved middle-ground of the market, so that you can get the experience you want at a price that is more comfortable for you to pay. In the process, you’ll get to fulfill all of your most deeply held fantasies… and isn’t that what life should be about?

Each and every one of our loving crafted male sex dolls is a high-quality, solid love doll that resembles a master sculptor’s finest efforts. Our men are about as close as you’re going to come to having a man that you buy and take home to be all yours, forever and ever. Now, please understand, buying one of our male sex dolls carries with it certain responsibilities. Each of our male sex dolls is the size and weight of a man. Granted, none of our dolls is hulking or huge overall, as that is not what most of our customers want. Our men are of average size (with average to above average endowment below the waistline, for maximum comfort, fit, and pleasure). But each of them is quite heavy in and of himself. He’s got all the handsome curves you want in a man. He’s got strong legs, a chest you can’t wait to run your hands over, a nice firm, tight butt, and of course he’s got a rock-hard cock that you can enjoy for hours at a time without ever worrying that he’ll slow down, get tired, not be in the mood, or otherwise be unable to perform. Our male sex dolls exhibit great fit and finish. They show detail and craftsmanship that you would expect to find on male sex dolls that cost many times more than our dolls cost.

The price you pay for our male sex dolls is not the cheapest out there, but it’s far removed from the most expensive, and that’s the whole point. We know you’re not in the market for the cheapest you can get, but you’re also hoping not to pay the exorbitant prices commanded by premium models. It’s a sad fact that most of the best dolls on the sex doll market are overpriced. Companies gouge the customer in countless ways, jacking up the price for something that, quite honestly, can be manufactured overseas and imported at very reasonable prices. A sex doll made on modern equipment, provided you aren’t looking for something customized to your precise specifications, can be had at very reasonable prices, and when we buy them in bulk, that reduces the per unit price that much more. And these factory made dolls can nonetheless possess the same high levels of quality, fit, finish, detail, and features that you find on premium, name-brand dolls commanding very high multiple-thousand-dollar price tags. What do those male sex dolls have that ours do not? Nothing that we can see, at least that would make any difference to the experience of enjoying them sexually. And we know that you are looking for gratification. You are looking for great sex. You are looking for a male sex doll that has the features you want, but can be had at a price that won’t be a hardship. Well, say no more, because that’s why we got into the sex doll business, and that’s why we obsess over the cost to value ratio of our male sex dolls. We offer the buying public only the best possible deals.

Our philosophy of what a good male sex doll should be can be seen in the products on our website. A great male sex doll has to have excellent fit and finish. It should be extremely handsome. It should turn you on. It should show great attention to detail in all of its seams, its fittings, and the forms used to mold it. You should be able to get close to it, touch it, pleasure yourself with it, and feel the satisfaction that comes from having very gratifying sex with a very cooperative lover. Above all else, we never want you to risk your hard-earned cash to get a male sex doll that isn’t as good as the ones we sell, and isn’t as affordable as the ones we sell. You should never have to sacrifice to get a great male sex doll. You should be able to buy one from a reputable company at a decent price and get great customer service while you do it. That’s how we treat all our clients. You’re not just a customer to us, you see. You’re our client, someone who is building a business relationship with us, and we will see to it that your faith in us is not misplaced. We really value your happiness and satisfaction. We know you’re putting a lot of trust in us when you buy one of our male sex dolls, when you take it home into your bed, when you get close to it, and when you pleasure yourself with it. That’s simply a fact. We would not be very good at what we did if we did not acknowledge that and respect it from the outset. That’s the respect that we have for you, every day.

What we never want to see you do is blowing your money on cheap, low- and no-quality sex toys or sex doll objects that, at the end of the day, are poor excuses for high-quality male sex dolls. You should never have to settle for that garbage. You deserve quality, and you deserve to know ahead of time what you are buying. When your high-quality solid male sex doll is finally at home on your couch or in your bed, you shouldn’t have to live in regret over the cost of the product. It should never be a financial burden. Our male sex dolls deliver first-class quality at very affordable, moderate prices. You get the most benefit for the least price, dollar for dollar, when you shop with Never, ever pay more than you absolutely have to. That is our philosophy and that is what we are going to pass on to you.

A great deal of market research went into our male sex dolls, their prices, their features, their quality, and how they are made and put together. We make no secret of the fact that we import our dolls from factories overseas. This guarantees that they are manufactured at the lowest possible prices, as manufacturing facilities overseas almost always prove to cost less than trying to manufacture domestically. Then too, it’s a fact that the market for sex dolls is extremely popular overseas, so there are more existing, already established factories outside North America. We’ve sent our representatives to all of these sites, examining their manufacturing processes, looking at their relative costs, negotiating with the manufacturers’ suppliers, and setting up bulk manufacturing deals. We’ve also invested a lot of time in ensuring that the quality levels produced are as high as we want and need them to be, as foreign manufacturers are often very willing to cut corners to reduce price unless you explicitly tell them what it is you are trying to accomplish (and you pay for the quality oversight you want). The result of all this research and effort is that the male sex dolls we provide here at Sexdolio have been manufactured at the lowest unit cost we could manage at the high levels of quality, features, and detail that we believe the discerning sex doll client demands in a personal intimacy product. You get the best doll at the lowest possible price here at Sexdolio. That doesn’t mean there aren’t dolls out there that are cheaper, but it does mean that at the price we’re asking, you are not going to find a better male sex doll that has more features or better quality levels.

Part of our market research, in an ongoing sense, was to get to know our clients. Many of us are buyers of sex dolls ourselves, and many of those on our staff have male and female sex dolls at home. We got into this industry because we ourselves were frustrated by the need to purchase quality sex dolls at reasonable prices in a market that simply did not offer that combination. We visited all of the discussion boards on the Internet, looking at what our fellow doll lovers found most important in their sex doll purchases. We asked ourselves, what is our client base looking for? What features are most important to them? What aspects of quality manufacture make the most difference to them? What can they live without, and what do they absolutely have to have? Where can we reduce cost that it won’t hurt the usability of our products, and where should we spend money in the manufacturing of our male sex dolls in order to make sure they are as pleasurable and satisfying as possible to the people who buy them? It honestly doesn’t matter precisely what kind of sex doll you prefer, male or female, Western or Asian, or some combination of the above. What’s important is that we are all united in our desire to have the best possible sex lives with our incredible sex dolls, enjoying the freedom and independence that comes from seeing to our needs without messy relationships and human entanglements. Your male sex doll from is your personal freedom conduit. It is a way to gain the gratification, the sexual intimacy, that all men and women desire, but in a way that allows you to maintain your dignity, control over your own life, and the utmost in personal safety. All of this hinges on you getting a great male sex doll from us. If the sex doll isn’t up to your standards, the whole thing falls apart, and well it should. We never want you to be disappointed with what you get from us. You should never have to feel that way. Should Be Your Preferred Outlet For Male Sex Dolls of Great Quality and Features

So how do we do it? How does achieve what seems like too much to be true: A fantastic high-quality sex doll that rivals premium, brand-name dolls costing many times more? How is it that we bring to market such an exceptional male sex doll product that is the size and weight of a man, whose quality is as good as competing brands that are much more expensive? Well, to do that, we created specifically to address our clients’ needs for a male sex doll with a price that was best described as “moderate.” We knew we couldn’t and didn’t want to target the absolute cheapest segment of the market, because that those prices we could not bring our clients a good quality product that would bring them pleasure. Those cheap junk sex toys simply are designed for disappointment. They are not a serious way to gratify yourself or to improve your life and change your lifestyle. They are not acceptable. But we also knew that while it was possible for us to produce a premium, even custom sex doll if we worked with the right suppliers and manufacturers, that would be unnecessarily expensive. And why would we target the saturated high end of the sex doll market when there was such a great moderate, mid-level market for affordable but high-quality male sex dolls waiting to be met? That was how we chose our driving philosophy and that is what dictated our marketing philosophy.

You very obviously have high standards. There are things you want in a personal intimacy product and you come to us to get them. We want to meet those needs. We want you to have the best possible time with your new male sex doll. We want your sexual experience to be second to none. But we also knew that our sex doll line, particularly our male sex dolls (as male dolls are harder to come by than female sex dolls, given the correspondingly specialty market for them) had to be very good and very affordable all at the same time. The price had to be low enough that almost anyone could afford to add one of these products to their life. After all, if the dolls are too expensive, then we’re all back where we started, stuck with premium, name-brand male sex dolls that, while great, handsome, sexy, and fully featured, are not accessible to the average person. A great product that is financially out of reach isn’t a great product, really, is it? The nicest car in the world might as well be a poster on the wall if you can’t afford to drive it, and the sexiest sex doll ever made is just a statue in someone else’s courtyard if you can’t afford to bring your very own example home. We never want our clients to have to endure financial hardships to get their hands on our products. We simply won’t allow it. It’s not acceptable, and it’s not how we do business.

But what if you’re not convinced? What if you’re still looking for alternatives to a male sex doll? Well, there are a few of them. If what you are looking for is a nice, rock-hard cock, there are certainly no end of dildos and vibrators out there. Some of them are made to look extremely realistic and feel very flesh-like. Some of them look like something that fell out a space alien’s codpiece. Still others look like something a robot might use for spare parts on a trip to another galaxy. If all you’re looking for is a dildo or vibrator, you have your pick of them, and they are all pretty affordable. Most anyone can afford even the expensive dildos and vibrators on the market. But buying a dildo or vibrator when what you really want is a male sex doll is a lot like buying a Fleshlight or a pocket pussy if what you want is a female sex doll. It’s a poor substitute that is only the smallest business portion of the real thing.

Then too, if what you’re looking for is a male anus to pound, your high-quality male sex doll has a textured anal opening that, with plenty of safe lube, is just waiting to be pounded. When you go with one of our male sex dolls, you get the full experience. But you could attempt to try a low-cost alternative. They sell masturbator sleeves on the market that are intended to feel like a tight anal opening. Some of them even feel pretty good. But at the end of the day, it’s just a textured sleeve. It doesn’t look like you’re actually having sex with a person. It doesn’t look like anything at all. The feelings you have are entirely real physically, but your imagination has to fill in a lot more gaps. You’re just playing with yourself using a tool. That’s fine as far as it goes, but it’s not the same as the gratifying sex life you could have with a male sex doll. The sex with a masturbation sleeve is all just in your head, and if that’s the case, what do you need the sleeve for? You could just as easily spend the money on lunch and use your hand instead. Right?

There are slightly more advanced sex toys that attempt to simulate more of the male anatomy. They look like a butt that you can grab and enjoy while you stroke in and out of its anal opening. Some of them even have a hard cock attached (although that complicates actually being able to use the toy from certain angles). These are, again, fine as far as they go, but they are really just a tiny part of a sex doll. They are like making love to a chunk of a person. Is that really what you’re into? Most of us aren’t and, frankly, if you prefer that kind of thing, you might just need to sit quietly while someone calls for help, pal. The fact is, these disembodied parts are not good alternatives to fully dimensioned, fully sized, fully sculpted male sex dolls, which closely simulate what it’s like to have sexual contact with an actual person. They are just pieces, and pieces aren’t very gratifying or very fun. You will always be aware, on some level, that you are being short-changed, and you may even feel ridiculous.

So, really, a full-sized male sex doll is really the only choice. But what happens if you shop with one of the extremely cheap, less than reputable sites whose prices and products are way too good to be true? If you get a product at all when you order from these places (and, honestly, there’s no guarantee that you actually will), when you take that product out of the box, it’s going to be of poor quality. Its seams will be rough, it’s textured openings will not feel good, it will be ugly or silly looking… the list of possible defects goes on and on, and that’s if you don’t just end up with some kind of glorified inflatable doll (which means you didn’t even get what you thought you were paying for, no matter how big a discount you were promised). Well, when you’re not happy with your purchase, that’s sure going to ruin any hope you have of achieving any sort of sexual gratification with that sex doll, isn’t it? After all, it’s got to feel nice if you’re going to achieve the gratification you want. If it is deeply flawed, if it does not provide you with the experience you want and need, then it will spoil everything. You won’t have achieved sexual independence at all. What you’ll feel will be buyer’s remorse. What you’ll feel will be regret. How are you getting a bargain, exactly, if the cut-rate product you receive simply cannot be used as intended? So that definitely means the cheap male sex dolls are out. You can’t afford to consider them from a material standpoint, a physical standpoint. You can’t afford to do business with cheap sites like that, either, because you have no way of knowing if any of them are scams. You need a reputable firm. You need a company that offers you a guarantee of quality and a commitment to great customer service. You need because that is what we offer, and that is what we will continue to offer, no matter what. Our entire business model revolves around it and we would have it no other way. So that brings us back to the higher-priced sex dolls. Will you buy one of those?

Of course you won’t. You still need a more budget-friendly option, a male sex doll that has the features and quality you want, at a price that is affordable and reasonable. You want companionship on your terms. You want to bring home someone who can be there for you, someone who is special, but you don’t want to go broke doing it. Buying from means you will get the product you desire at a price you can afford. You will be working with a very reputable, honest firm that is built on integrity, a firm that cares about your happiness and your satisfaction. This is incredibly important. And if you need help, we would be happy to provide some, no matter what it is you need assistance with doing.

The friendly, helpful staff of will gladly walk you through how buying a male sex doll from our site is supposed to work. It’s possible you’re new to male sex dolls and you need some help understanding what to look for, or what to expect, or what features you’re going to receive. That’s fine, and we would be happy to assist you with that. Maybe, once you’ve spent your money with us, you’re not sure of the best ways to take care of your male sex doll. Well, it’s a relatively simple process to keep up your sex doll so that you get the most useful life out of it. We would be happy to explain to you how to do that, and to direct you to resources that will help you get the most satisfaction out of your new male sex doll. And if you have questions about how to move or store something that is the size and weight of an adult human being, we understand that that, too, can be difficult, and we would be happy to help you with any issues you might be experiencing. Our staff is friendly, educated, personable, and above all, very in tune with your needs… because most of us own sex dolls ourselves. We have embraced the sex doll lifestyle and we are more than ready to help you do just that too. We will treat you properly and see to it that you get the type of customer service that a client of your caliber deserves. We are always committed to you, and our philosophy is that you are always right. You don’t have to worry when you shop with us. You just have to sit back, relax, and let us help you.

We welcome your concerns, your questions, your advice, your suggestions, and any other feedback you would care to pass on to us. Whatever we can do to better service our clients, we would like to know about. We engage in an ongoing, continuous process of improvement of all our services, so any aspect of these that could be better is something we would very much like to know about. Is there something you think we could be doing differently or better? Is there some aspect of our service that should be changed? Did we do something right, and you’d like to share that with us so that we can keep doing it? Did we overlook something, and you want to make sure future clients don’t experience the same issue? Whatever it is, please do contact us. Only when we hear from you and get your feedback can we truly know how best to improve our services for maximum benefit. Every client matters to us, and every male sex doll that leaves our warehouse is one that we see bringing happiness and companionship, fun and sex, love and gratification. We would like to do that for each and every one of you. Just give us a chance to show you that we care.

Shopping with is one way to buck a trend. Do you believe in the old saying that you get what you pay for? Well, when you shop at, we think that maybe, just maybe, you’re going to get a little bit more than you think you are. We offer our male sex dolls at lower prices than the competition, yet we work hard to make sure the quality level of our products is still where it should be. We have charted the lowest price at the best value at the highest quality possible for that price point. This took a lot of work to achieve. We had to strike a lot of deals and manage a lot of different suppliers and manufacturers to do it. In the end, though, we think what we achieved was successful… and we think you will believe so, too.

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You don’t just get the very best value when you shop with us here at You get a lifestyle solution that will improve the life of every guy or gal who learns from your lessons. In other words, you are getting freedom from real relationships, with is a lifestyle choice more people need to be made aware of. Congratulations; you have taken the first step towards taking back your own life on your terms, taking back your romantic life from other people’s judgments, and simply having a good time by indulging your physical needs. We applaud all of these things. But making the decision to purchase a sex doll is not without some other issues. It’s possible that you have put off fulfilling your dream of high-quality solid companionship until some point in the future when you thought you could better afford it. Well, now it’s time to actually fulfill those fantasies, which means you actually have to shop. But that always raises the specter of client confidentiality and privacy, doesn’t it?

You may be hesitating in your purchase of a male sex doll out of fear that when you buy one of our male sex dolls, someone you know in your life may find out that you bought such a product. You may be concerned about people you know making fun of you, or thinking of you differently, if you have a male sex doll. We’re certainly no strangers to that concern or that stigma. Well, you don’t have to worry about the negative judgment of others if you stand by, because we will stand by you in return. Modern relationships are messy, unpleasant, and probably far more trouble than they are worth. Your friends, family, and neighbors, people who don’t understand this truth, won’t understand your shift away from living humans. But secretly, many of them who do learn of it will be sympathetic, or will eventually become so. For every person in your life who doesn’t see why you might want or need to make the transition away from people and toward male sex dolls, there will be someone else who is surprisingly on the same wavelength. But you don’t have to worry about any of that when you shop with us.

When you shop with, you can shop with complete confidence. We will protect and keep safe every detail of your purchase, the fact that you shopped with us at all, and the details of your order. We never share our client list with third parties, we never offer what we’ve learned to others for analysis, We don’t entertain idle gossip (and we discourage all those working in our employ not to engage in it, not that any of that matters to you), and we don’t discuss your order, or you, amongst ourselves. We create an environment of total respect. We pride ourselves on how personable our order-takers are. Our client service representatives are second to none. All of this is very important in a service industry, but in an intimate one, it is that much more so. Too many hearts have been broken, and too many cocks have been blocked, by firms that don’t understand these realities. But we here at understand change is coming… and we hope to be among the ones who innovate it.

Every single person deserves to be able to run their romantic lives as they see fit. Our male sex dolls offer you a way to do just that. Just as female sex doll frees a man from the need to engage in real relationships with women, often to his detriment, a male sex doll makes it possible for you to get the companionship and sexual gratification you desire from a man without actually finding a living man to give it to you. So what are you waiting for? Get the personal satisfaction you have always wanted, on your terms, when you want it and how you want it, for as long as you want it. Never deal with the emotional whims or issues of another living person when you can have your male sex doll from instead. Contact us now and we will start the purchasing process moving. We want to get you connected with the male sex doll that excites you most. Please don’t wait any more. Your handsome, sexy male doll will be sent to you in an unmarked and well packed shipping carton with no indication, from the exterior, of what is in the carton or where the carton was shipped from. Only you will know there is a sex doll inside; the carrier, the package company, and your neighbors will never be any wiser. Here at, we are practiced and experienced in pleasing our clients. We think that the sex dolls we offer provide a way out for both men and women who want to be with a man. Stop torturing yourself with traditional dating or meaningless hookups, and start experiencing the male sex doll difference.

The way you have always run your romantic life is the old way. The way you could be running it, with a male sex doll, represents the new way. That new way will preserve your dignity. That new way will give you more free time. That new way will reduce stress and pressure on you. And most importantly, that new way will mean sex how you want it, when you want it, and not in any way, shape or form that does not compare to those variables. Men frequently complain that women want them to read their minds. Well, whether you are a man or a woman, when your at-home companion, your romantic outlet, and your means of sexual gratification is a male sex doll, that doll essentially does read your mind for you. The doll has no will of its own, so it wants to do whatever you do. It wants it however you want it. If you want sex, so does your male sex doll. If you want space, he’s happy to leave you alone. If you just want to cuddle and be held, well, he does that very well. is not just fantasy fulfillment. Our products represent the new, improved way for you to run your romantic life. You can be in charge. You can have whatever you need or want. All it requires is a little honesty and a little investment on your parts. The more you try to leave behind a life of frustration in favor of a life of sexual ease and gratification on demand, the more you will support finally just leaving real relationships behind and disappearing into the world of sex dolls (and the people who love them). It all starts when you contact us. Get ahead of your romantic life. Take charge of your destiny. Stop listening to what other people think. Buy a male sex doll today and finally get your hands on what you’ve been waiting for. You will not be disappointed that you did. That’s the advantage in a nutshell. Stick with us.

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Sex with your male sex doll from is designed to be incredibly close to the real thing. If you’ve always wanted a handsome man in your bed, if you’ve longed to feel his rock hard erection, play with his butt, or insert your own cock (if you’ve got one) into his mouth or his rear end, well, that’s what our sex dolls offer you. Each one of our male sex dolls has a textured anal opening that, when combined with generous amounts of safe lubricant, gives you the potential for hours of anal sex fun. Lube up his oral opening and give yourself the best simulated blowjob in the world. As long as the lubricant you use is safe, you can also lube up his integrated cock and ride it. The best part about your male sex doll is that he never goes soft. He can literally bang all night long, which means you can have some of the most mind-blowing sex you have ever had when you have a male sex doll in your bed. And the best part? The best part is you get all this without having to deal with someone else’s drama or issues. There are no relationship headaches, there are no jealousy issues, you never have to worry that your doll is cheating on you, and you’ll never feel unappreciated, dismissed, ignored, or insulted. Your sex doll always knows just how to treat you. If you’re thinking it, he’s thinking it, and when you move him where you want him, he’ll always do what you ask.

When you pull your male sex doll close, when you feel his skin, touch his cock, caress his buttocks, and feel him pressed against your body with his realistic, reassuring weight, you will have no doubts whatsoever that he was worth what it cost to bring him to you.

Your new male sex doll never refuses you, and is into everything you are into. She will never judge you for your fetishes or fantasies. He will never want it when you don’t, or not want it when you do. He will never cheat on you and most certainly will never be jealous of you. Why, you can bring home as many sex partners as you want, and he will only watch obediently or, if that’s what you’re looking for, join in on the fun like a good boyfriend. You can be as kinky and naughty as you want with your sex doll; that’s what he’s there for, what he’s made for, and what we hope you’ll use him for. If you’re lonely, a male sex doll from is the perfect solution to loneliness. Before now, you probably thought your only choices were to put up with someone’s drama and baggage in a real relationship, never pleasing them and always hearing criticism from them… or not dealing with all of that and simply living celibate and lonely. But now you don’t have to make that decision! Now you can have the companionship that you want. Now you can have the sex that you want. You can have your romantic life on your terms by choosing one of our male sex dolls. Bring him home. Make him the friend and lover you have always wanted. Let him keep you company. Let him get close to you. Let him be part of your life. This is the best of all possible worlds and the solution to all your loneliness problems. You couldn’t make this choice just a few short years ago, but now you can. Now male sex dolls like ours are becoming common. And as they do, there will only be one place that truly cares about the intersection of cost and value. That is, whose staff works hard to keep you on the right path.

Were you previously one of those people who thought throwing money at the problem of being lonely wouldn’t solve it? Well, your male sex doll would say otherwise. You will never have to sleep alone again when you buy one of our male sex dolls. You will never have to go a night without sex if you don’t want to. You will never have to bend over backwards pleasing some man who doesn’t appreciate you and isn’t worthy of you… because you no longer need him. You know that you can get all the gratification you want at home from your male sex doll. Imagine what this does for your interactions with all other potential sex partners. No longer do you have anything to prove to anyone. No longer are you trying to persuade them to like you or to be with you. No longer do you answer to anyone but yourself. This is a long time coming for many men, and some of them can’t handle it. Men have gone off the rails before because they arrogantly thought they couldn’t be put down. But all you have to do is keep a calm head and realize that your new male sex doll from represents a completely new lifestyle for its owner. Are you ready to embrace that lifestyle? Shouldn’t you be?

Another way to look at sex with your doll is that it represents a completely safe alternative. Unless you’re sharing your doll with someone else without protection, there is no way ever to catch a disease through normal use of your properly maintained male sex doll. Now, you might choose to use condoms with your doll, but that’s entirely a matter of personal preference. It speeds cleanup if you do, so many owners choose to do so, either by wearing the condom themselves in the case of male owners, or by applying the condom to the sex doll’s cock in the case of female owners. Both demographics of users report that it’s a great way to practice putting the condom on during the ramp-up to sex. Some women are quite adept at using their mouths to apply a condom to their lover’s manhood, for example. That’s not as skill that someone comes by naturally; it has to be practiced, or it will be awkward. Anything awkward, forced, rushed, or even too slow runs the risk of killing the mood. You don’t want that, so a great part of learning to be better in bed is simply practicing not to be awkward

Male sex dolls from are the solution for anyone who is not in a short-term or long-term relationship and has trouble picturing themselves in one. If you don’t favor casual sex, or if you just don’t find it easy to go out and meet people, you may find yourself becoming increasingly depressed, isolated, and alone. If you’ve reached the point where filling your apartment with pets seems like a possible solution, you need to find a healthier outlet for this condition. Having an active social life can help compensate for a lack of romantic activity, but the fact is, most men chose to go out looking for sex not because they can’t find it at home, but because it takes too long and is not exactly what they want. This means that every short- and long-term relationship, by the numbers, won’t last. The numbers will be in proximity to each other, but that’s it. Of course, there are exceptions, but what this means is that most of us are well served by betting on any relationship to fail eventually.

A male sex doll can help take up the slack in between relationships even if you’re one of those people who wants to be with someone and is actively looking. Now, nothing says you can’t do what you’ve always done, but the combination of porn, touching yourself, and using the occasional sex toy is going to get old eventually. Being with a male sex doll is more like actually having sense, and will thus be more calming and more satisfying. It will have a longer lasting effect. You will be happier and healthier because of it.

The time to purchase one of our male sex dolls is now. Don’t put it off any longer. If you want to take back your romantic life on your terms, and have sex with the handsome stud of your choice whenever you want it, then you need to come aboard so we can help you. Shop today!